Thomas Van Linge

Art // Featured Artist

September's featured artist Thomas van Linge (1989) likes to translate pretty complex, abstract theories (about the universe and existence, or

The Future Issue

Art // Residency

As a result of their residency, visual artist Piet Langeveld and interdisciplinary fashion designer Gerda Postma presented The Future Issue - Exhibition, on

Henri Verhoef

Art // Featured Artist

Henri Verhoef (1990) is graduating from the photography programme of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague this summer.

Frames by Nicolás Castagno

Art // Interview

For the April edition of our ongoing, Pllant-curated immersive environments, we're hosting Amsterdam-based visual artist Nicolás Castagno. The Swedish coffee

Otto Kaan

Art // Featured Artist

'People talk about Otto Kaan like it's some giant living in the hillside, coming down to visit the townspeople. We