Destin Cretton

Art // Preview

Destin Cretton's critically acclaimed debut Short Term 12 was one of the surprises at last year's SXSW. We met up with

The Afronauts

Art // Preview

Cristina de Middel's The Afronauts, an extraordinary series about the Zambian space programme, opens at Foam tonight. Our resident Foam insider previews

Kyle Tryhorn

Art // Preview

Every year, the Steenbergen Stipendium jury nominates five special photography graduates during the graduation exhibitions at the different Art Schools

Yonder, Infidel And Works

Art // Preview

Three new exhibitions open at Foam tonight, Marnix Goossens' Yonder, Tim Hetherington's Infidel, and the first exhibition of Dutch duo Otto Kaan, Works. Marnix

Artificial Amsterdam

Art // Preview

Amsterdam is far more orderly than Fox News would have you believe. We preview de Appel Arts Centre's thematic exploration