TENT – Radiant by Nicky Assmann

Radiant is a solo exhibition by Nicky Assmann (1980), opening at TENT on October 15 . Nicky Assmann utilizes light, mechanics and abstract geometry to create optic illusions with which she investigates the mental and corporal perception procedure.

Her work explores how the body, with all its senses, perceives and relates to objects and spaces, and she is interested in the mental process and physical activity of seeing.

She refers to scientific research and natural phenomena and experiments with the properties, behavior and aesthetics of solid and liquid materials.


Assmann gained attention on the international art scene with her graduation project Solace, back in 2011. With Solace she researched precise lightning and spatial patterns, using a machine that helped her reveal the inner movement of soap. The installation showed a turbulent choreography of magical colors and fluid motions, leading to the inevitability of the fragile soap film bursting, brutally awakening the viewer from the hypnotizing display.

This elegant work set the tone for some of her future works like Solaris (2013) and Liquid Solid (2015) – a collaborative effort of Nicky Assmann and Joris Strijbos, in which they researched the cinematic qualities of a frozen soap film.

solaris2Solaris (2013), Saatchi Gallery London

Assman’s work Radiant, presented at TENT, will feature more enigmatic, hallucinatory images and a number of room-filling works. We can’t wait for the experience to begin, starting October 15th until the 10th of January, free for members!