Subbacultcha is an Amsterdam-based platform, aiming to reverberate its community.

Subbacultcha hopes to do so by using art as a tool to build (collective) experiences and create moments and processes of conversation and exchange. We hope to offer a place that’s comfortable, yet carrying the possibility to change and morph along with the people and context orbiting around it. 

This manifests itself in a monthly program, consisting of concerts, dinners and exhibitions in our project space – the s105, an editorial channel, presenting news from the environment around us in the forms of text and image, projects, such as print publications and art series, and a membership, tying all of it together. 

The s105 is our own project space & music venue, where we produce our events. Anchored on the highway exit of city route 105, yet hopefully capable of radiating much further. The s105 is an ever-evolving fundament from/on which voices, thoughts and moments can bounce and echo on.

Additionally, we curate events in a wide range of venues in Amsterdam: besides our homebase, we host shows and events in OT301, OCCII, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Melkweg, De Nieuwe Anita, ISO and Garage Noord.

The membership helps us to create a sustainable community that can help itself to build and grow. The membership can help to invest into a more progressive and inclusive field of recreation and art. For €10 a month, members get free or discounted access to all of our events and receive all our projects, delivered to their mailbox or doorstep.

Subbacultcha found its genesis back in 2005, as a means of organising shows for ourselves and our friends.

Now more than ever, we’re learning to realise our privileges, flaws and responsibilities. We are researching ways to create and amplify more diversity in our community, structurally, and use our position in a more substantial and helpful manner, structurally. We want to try our utmost best to keep on evolving Subbacultcha into something that can keep bringing people together.

The current framework within which all of this takes place and shape:

We’re employing our project space, the s105, with the objective of bringing people together under the same roof, where a safe environment is reassured as much as possible. In this framework, we can invite you to events. We’re in an ever-evolving process of upgrading our space, technically and creatively. Find our detailed guidelines and regulations here

We are committed to equality by valuing and welcoming people of all different backgrounds. This means there is no space for xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, or any other hateful behaviours in our space, at our events in other spaces and in our online spheres. We unfortunately exist and interact in a world where such behaviors still exist and are tolerated.

Coming into our space means that you acknowledge, respect and facilitate the freedom of expression and identity of others.

We will practice a constant effort to foster such an environment that’s as safe as possible, within the resources we have at our disposal. We’re aware of our blind spots which means that we’re always open for critique, remarks and suggestions. We hope you feel free and comfortable to approach us personally or to reach out to us via our online resources (mail, private messages, comment sections). If not, you can reach us via our anonymous communication channel.

Read more about the membership and check out our terms and conditions. For any further questions, head to our FAQ.

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