Got a question that has been haunting your mind? We jotted down the most frequently asked ones here. With resolutions, of course. Still left unanswered? Check our terms & conditions or send us an email <3.

How do I get access to the shows and events? Do I have to reserve tickets?
For most Subbacultcha events, it’s as simple as it gets. Your membership pass will be scanned at the door, and you’ll get free access. For a small selection of events, you’ll need to reserve a free spot by means of RSVP. Please check our events for info.

What happens when a show or event is sold out?
We expect members to access Subbacultcha events without complications. There is, however, a chance that an event will sell out and that Subbacultcha members will no longer be able to get in. If we know in advance that an event is sold out, we’ll announce it on our website. So make sure to check the website before heading out!

How long will it take for my membership pass to arrive at my doorstep?
Your pass will be sent within two working days. You will receive your pass within max six days of signing up. We are reliant on Sandd for delivering your membership pass on time.

My membership pass hasn’t arrived yet, how do I attend a show or event?
Your membership is activated as soon as you sign up. Until you’ve received your pass, you can use your confirmation mail is your ‘temporary membership pass’.

How do I convert my gift membership into a regular Subbacultcha membership?
Please sign-up as of new here. You’ll receive a new membership pass.

How do I change my membership address?
Please send an email to memberships@subbacultcha.nl.

I lost my membership pass / my membership pass is broken. How can I get a new one?
Please send an email to memberships@subbacultcha.nl, and we’ll hook you up with a new pass ASAP.

I would like to help out! How do I get into contact?
Awesome! We’re always looking for volunteers to help out at shows. Wanna help at the cash desk, behind the bar or with cooking? Please send an email to thierno@subbacultcha.nl.

I’m an artist. How do I get into contact?
Please send an email to Sanae@subbacultcha.nl.

I would like to get in touch about advertisement or partnership possibilities. How do I get into contact?
Please send an email to sydney@subbacultcha.nl.

How do I cancel my membership? :'(
Please send an email to memberships@subbacultcha.nl and make sure to keep us forever in your heart. The minimum period for a Subbacultcha membership is two full calendar months.