1 Jan - 31 Dec - TENT, Rotterdam
Open Tue-Sun 11.00-18.00 - €4 - Free for members

Utopian Dreams featuring Wim Gijzen Körmeling, Claes Oldenburg, Rem Khoolas – Oma, Utopia, Atelier van Lieshout, Elfie Tromp, Elian Somers, Richard Hutten, Hoogerbrugge, Cookies

22 April – 07 October 2016

Utopian Dreams is an ambitious, large-scale exhibition featuring a collective of local artists and architects. Part of the Rotterdam Celebrates the City! project, the exhibition examines the changing landscape of the city by providing controversial debate on the way art and fantasy can help develop Rotterdam status as a uniquely innovative hotspot. Utopian Dreams places importance on the artist himself, questioning how he looks at the city, and most importantly, what can be done to continue its evolution as a first-class innovative ecosystem?

schroef Claes Oldenburg; Museum Boijmans-Van Beuningen; 1983; 6x7 zwart-wit-negatief;

Screwarch Bridge designed by Claes Oldenburg, 1980 – 1981 © Jannes Linders

Navigating the Imaginary – Anouk Griffioen

6 October – 4 December 2016

Navigating the Imaginary will be the title of Anouk Griffioen’s latest solo exhibition in TENT. Majestic charcoal drawings come to life in a whole wherein flora, fauna and human figures flow together into a surreal world. Griffioen responds to new digital developments by applying different techniques such as videomapping onto her drawings, by which she breaks new ground in her handmade artwork.

© Anouk Griffioen

The Back Room – Esma Yiğitoğlu

6 October – 4 December 2016

Turkish artist Esma Yiğitoğlu (Zincidere, 1944 – Rotterdam, 2009), born and raised in a liberal and intellectual environment in Turkey, left to Rotterdam at the age of 17 to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. Until she passed away in 2009, she stayed active as an artist. Next to her artistry she devoted herself to a better societal position for Turkish Dutchmen.

© Esma Yiğitoğlu

Together, TENT and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen show underexposed but determining artists in their four-part exhibition The Back Room. The work of Esma Yiğitoğlu is the last edition of this cooperation.

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #9: Manifesta 1 Revisited

8 September – 31 December 2016

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #9 is looking back to Manifesta 1, the first edition of the European biennial that took place from June till August of 1996. By showing unprecedented archive and video material, this edition of Rotterdam Cultural Histories wants to shed light on the establishment of this first Manifesta and the works that were shown there.