Bright Lights, Big City

For Bright Light, Big City next week we’ve not only invited bands, but in collaboration with Meduse MagiQ also asked some great visual artists to display some of their new works. To create that truly magical night.

 Amos Mulder

Amos Mulder studied audiovisual media at the art academy in Utrecht and graduated in 2009 with his first film Ghost of Icarus. Mulder experiments with language and narration in his films that are inspired by the heroes and experiments of the history of cinema. He combines different techniques and genres and creates intriguing worlds and thought-provoking tales. Recurring themes in his films are the nature of reality, dreams, birds and flying.


Lilian Stolk

Visual artist Lilian Stolk graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2012 and works with videos and projections. Her installations often show projections not just as a 2-dimensional plane, but are displayed as 3-dimensional objects. Her projection at Bright Lights, Big City that will be presented in the theatre room is play of light and fabric.

Hugo Rocci

Hugo Rocci is a painter and animator born in Avignon, France, now living and working in Amsterdam and studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He is interested in the power of moving images and fascinated by being able to create fantasies and dreams through paintings. His inspiration comes from the way humans look at animals, plants and objects, which he translates into he surreal animations and videos.



Meeus van Dis

Meeus van Dis is specialized in hand produced slide projections and light and video designs. He also developed a unique animation application for analogue projections with his spectacular beamer installation. For Bright Lights, Big City, he’ll turn the theatre room into an underwater world for that special Meduse MagiQ magic.