Residency Update

Art // Residency

On 22 August we opened the doors of The Art Department to welcome some curious visitors to the first part of

September Fold-Out

Art // Residency

September's featured artist's on the monthly Fold-Out are artists in residence Timo Demollin and Rutger de Vries. They are researching the rich

Lennard Kok

Art // Featured Artist

Our featured artist of the month August is Utrecht illustrator Lennard Kok who you might remember from last year's Wrapping Paper Project. This summer

July Fold-Out

Art // Residency

July, month of Panda’s and pasta. Artists in residence Otto Kaan designed this month’s art poster and membership card, presenting

Otto Kaan

Art // Residency

This morning, the first race circuits with loopings, u-turns and speedy toy cars appeared in our project space as artist

Lohan Pecan

Art // Residency

It's mail-out day in the office! All morning we've been folding, prepping, stacking and packing our newest print projects to send