July Fold-Out

July, month of Panda’s and pasta. Artists in residence Otto Kaan designed this month’s art poster and membership card, presenting the story of prolific Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro and some of his greatest endeavours: the Fiat Panda and Marille – a very pretty but sadly unsuccessful type of pasta.

Pasta Marille

Giugiaro has hundreds of designs to his name and was given the title of Car Designer of the Century in 1999. One of his brainchilds, The Fiat Panda, has caught the attention of Otto Kaan. About a month ago they set out on a journey to Garessio, birthplace of the Panda’s nestor, to collect ideas, images and some rocks. Back in our project space, they hosted Young, a joyous afternoon of circuit building and toy car racing that lasted until dark.

With this month’s poster and membership card, the story takes on a whole new brightly coloured shape:



The poster is an adaptation of a sketch Giugiaro made for Marille: a type of pasta he designed in 1983 and the first ever pasta designed by an actual designer. As much of an exercise in structure as any of Giugiaro’s car-designs, the pasta turned out looking beautiful, but unfortunately unfit for high quality dishes.

The membership card is based on a still from a promotional film on the Fiat Panda from 1980. The logo and colors incorporated in both prints were derived from the Fiat Panda Dance, which was launched shortly after the Fiat Panda Young.