Lohan Pecan

It’s mail-out day in the office! All morning we’ve been folding, prepping, stacking and packing our newest print projects to send them out into the world, onto the doormats of all Subbacultcha members. Among the prints, something very special…

Prepare yourself for a letter of love and deep awe, as Hannah Polak brings to you Lohan Pecan, the publication she made as part of her residency at The Art Department. Lohan Pecan is a dreamy character sculpted out of love and admiration – a true product of her time.

Though Polak’s time at the residency is coming to an end, the adventures of Lohan Pecan are only just beginning…

Lohan Pecan Hannah Polak

Polak’s exhibition, You then arrive at an oasis of smooth roads and manicured fairways, is open for you to visit until this Saturday, between 12.00 and 18.00. Free for everybody!

With all our love and gratitude,

The Art Department // Hannah Polak

Lohan Pecan Hannah Polak

Lohan Pecan Hannah Polak

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