Honey Harper

Art // Interview

A few weeks ago we did an interview with Honey Harper, still expecting to see the cowboy angel busting moves

FIBER 2021

3 days of electronic music, immersive art installations and talks on Mutation
28 — 30 Oct, Tolhuistuin

Céline Gillain

Art // Interview

Set to take place at ISOamsterdam as part of Amsterdam Art Weekend, 'Fright' centres on Céline Gillain's severe stage fright.

Le Guess Who?

Art // Interview

A preview of what to expect from Le Guess Who? 2019, with programmer and sound artist - Salvador Breed.


Art // Interview

Front Row Festival is nearly upon us. Ahead of their show in Amsterdam Noord, we spoke to dance platform WhyNot. 

Full Moon

Art // Interview

Front Row Festival has invited Full Moon to show a series of cutting-edge video art.