Featured Artist

Frames by Mike Pelletier

On 5 July, we are rolling out the first of our completely immersive experiential environments. Curated and produced by Pllant/Marieke van Helden, we’re extending our exploration of talent to the visual realm, merging the live musical performances with the visual expressions of local artists. Our first featured artist is digital artist Mike Pelletier, who’s 3D spasms accompany Stellar OM Source and Maxmillion Dunbar at the Mediamatic Fabriek.

Mike Pelletier is a tinkerer and a technological obsessor. With an appreciation for the beautiful and the strange, his interest in tools, techniques and gadgets helps him create the slightly off-kilter 3D spasms that transform the real world to digital, bringing about unexpected results. Originally Canadian but now working at Random Studio in Amsterdam, Mike’s creations vary in form and draw inspiration from present and past. Kinetic sculptures based on 1920s film maker Lotte Renigier sit alongside metallic 3D portraiture gleaned from Microsoft Kinect scanning software in an eclectic portfolio bound together by a theme of creative technology.

Mike will be creating original projections for our RVNG Intl. label night at Mediamatic Fabriek, when we team up with the Brooklyn-based, forward-thinking electronic label in celebrating the release of star techno abstractionist Stellar OM Source’s new album, Joy One Mile. The night also features fellow RVNG stable-mate and exotic, half-way house maestro Maxmillion Dunbar, as well as Future Vintage DJs. Paired with Mike’s visual embellishments, we’ll extend our exploration of talent to the visual realm and beyond.

Kinect Portraits

Toxoplasmosis (collaboration with Geoffrey Lillemon)

Be sure to check out more of Mike’s work at mikepelletier.com.