Sonic Acts Academy 2016

10x2 tickets to Sonic Acts Festival

The fresh February air brings forth the annual occasion that is Sonic Acts Academy. By now the Amsterdam-based festival which has been around since 1994 stands on solid ground and has established itself as an across the board thematic festival.

Sonic Acts Academy incorporates art, technology, music and science, targeting contemporary and historical developments. This year’s edition of Sonic Acts kicks off at the Stedelijk Museum amidst live music and leading-edge artists. The platform of Sonic Acts Academy stretches over three days at De Brakke Grond, highlighting the vital relationship between artistic engagement and our impressions of the complexities of the world around us. On the music front, this year’s programming at Paradiso is both ambitious and extensive – the bill includes Janus mastermind M.E.S.H. and club hit-man Lotic among the promise of sixteen hours of music and film to satisfy every audio and visual sense in your body. For the full program of Sonic Acts Academy 2016, check here.

We treat our own very well, and we have plenty of love to go around. Join us now and we’ll send you off to an unforgettable festival with a friend. We’ve got 10×2 tickets to  give out and our rule is first come, first serve. Tickets will give you entrance to the program in Stedelijk and Paradiso.