M.E.S.H. – Epithet

We’d been clamouring for more material by Janus mastermind M.E.S.H. ever since his impeccable Scythians EP dropped last year and shifted our sonic paradigms, and given his musically reticent nature we considered ourselves lucky after he put out the Infra-Dusk / Infra-Dawn single a few months back. And so, predictably considering our collectively feeble mental constitution, the floors of Subba HQ were tear-soaked within seconds at the news of a new tune from the man himself – tears of blissful anticipation, tears of unadulterated joy. Minutes turned to hours as we tried and failed to pull ourselves together, but there comes a point where one’s natural reserves simply deplete, the ducts dry up and, regrettably, the ‘real world’ comes starkly back into focus. We pressed play. It was good.