Extra Extra Magazine

10 x Extra Extra Magazine issue N.7

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new glossy paper stock between your fingers. There’s something luxurious about the weight of it, the texture, the way it smells… Extra Extra is a magazine for erotic encounters, drawn against a vibrant urban décor. Creating a platform where city stories bridge over differences, inspire dialogue and provide aesthetic enjoyment, Extra Extra revitalizes a sense of eroticism. This piece of pleasure is for audiences who embrace sexuality in a distinguished way & honor the vital way intimacy guides our daily life. Don’t forget to head over to their brand new online platform to find out more about this must-read magazine.

As a treat for our beloved members, we’ve set aside ten copies of issue N.7 from Extra Extra to give away. To score a copy, send an email to with the word ‘EXTRA’ in the subject line.