L.A.N. Exhibition

1 Dec - 30 Dec - Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam
Free for all

Melkweg Expo and Subbacultcha present: L.A.N. Exhibition

Ahead of Local Area Network Party on 23 December in the Melkweg, Subbacultcha and Melkweg Expo present L.A.N. Exhibition. Both dedicated to emerging talent, Melkweg Expo and Subbacultcha present a selection of photographs that capture local acts and organizations featured in Subbacultcha music magazine over the past two years. This exhibition is a tribute to local photographers and musicians active in the varied music scenes thriving throughout the Netherlands.
L.A.N. (Local Area Network) nurtures as well as cherishes emerging local artists while revealing the far and wide-reaching Dutch underground: a network of talented contemporary bands, producers, DJs, labels, friends and followers. L.A.N. forms the breeding ground for outstanding music, amazing shows and the discovery and range of its contagious energy.
The L.A.N. Exhibition, which runs through the swinging month of December. Local talents, including photographers and musicians, keep the scene alive with their undying energy and devotion toward music and art. Together they’ve created beautiful, original images that offer an unexampled insight into today’s upcoming, local alternative music scenes. Get in the groove. Support your Local Area Network.