L.A.N. Exhibition Opening

1 December
19.00 - Free for all

Ahead of L.A.N. Party on 23 December in the Melkweg, Subbacultcha and Melkweg Expo present L.A.N. Exhibition. Join us for the grand opening ✮ Beautiful people, exceptional photography, live music, and delicious free beer.

If it wasn’t for all the gifted artists, musicians and photographers, our existence would wither away in a heartbeat, so we’re taking a moment to open our L.A.N. Exhibition and celebrate the beauty of creation and collaboration. For the occasion we’ve invited Waterlelyck to caress his keyboard, and the good people at Jupiler have been so kind as to provide beers for the evening.

Both dedicated to emerging talent, Melkweg Expo and Subbacultcha present a selection of photographs that capture local acts and organizations featured in Subbacultcha music magazine over the past two years. This exhibition is a tribute to local photographers and musicians active in the varied music scenes thriving throughout the Netherlands. 

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Featured photographers: Wessel Baarda (Red Light Radio), Verena Blok (The Mauskovic Dance Band), Iris Duvekot (Meduse MagiQ), Maurice van Es (Red Light Radio), Zahra Reijs (Sevdaliza), Eva Reinalda (Iguana Death Cult), Annabel van Royen (Waterlelyck), Gilleam Trapenberg (Torus & SMIB) and Isolde Woudstra (The Homesick & Idiott Smith).

Thanks to FotoLabKiekie for the prints.