TodaysArt 2016

5 x 2 passe partouts to TodaysArt
22 - 25 September, The Hague

This years TodaysArt Festival swerves in from from the seaside, straight to the heart of The Hague, bringing with it four full days of incredible, state-of-the-art performances, concerts, installations and club nights.

This year marks the 12th anniversary of TodaysArt Festival, focusing on trans-disciplinary creativity and digital culture. Whether it’s the rich, electronic soundscapes of Swedish composer Klara Lewis or an all around sensory experience by choreographer & visual artist Hiroaki Umeda, the four days of diversified festivities will surely quench your thirst for contemporary visual, performance arts and comtemporary culture. Check here for the full program.

We’re giving away five double passe partouts to the first five new member signups. That’s all we’ve got, so don’t stall. You can join us here.