Subbacultcha magazine — Issue 05

Featuring Mykki Blanco, Idiott Smith, Camera, Kero Kero Bonito, Princess Nokia, Klara Lewis and more.



As our lives unfold ahead of us, plot twists keep us on our toes. Though it can feel rocky, it is the unknown that provokes. Like how everyone’s most hilarious festival stories always kick off at that moment when things start to go wrong – but classically end up better than you could’ve imagined. Or when a photo shoot doesn’t go through, and you realize Mykki Blanco’s Instagram is a selfie goldmine.

Like our field trip to Groningen with Idiott Smith, all you can do is dive in head first, wash away the damage and bask in the splendour of a renewed spark… while small girls in big goggles gawk at your attempts and someone immortalizes the moment in a photograph.

We’ve been going through changes, and we’re sure you have too. It’s the time for it, as bright summer dimly shimmers into fall. We’ve switched things up, now let’s find out what strange, unexpected treasures lie ahead.

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