Nachtiville for a New Member

1 x 5 Bungalow at Nachtiville
Bungalow Park De Eemhof

Nurtured by and little brother to Germany’s celebrated Nachtdigital, Nachtiville brings electronic music, delicately handcrafted decoration and visual arts to De Eemhof, The Netherlands. Join us now and win a rare opportunity to spend a one-of-a-kind weekend in your own bungalow with four friends. Already a member? Encourage a friend to sign up.

We encourage you to head in the direction of De Eemhof, located 50 km east of Amsterdam, and move in to a private bungalow for a night with four friends you choose to take along for the ride. The music program is made up of diverse electronic music, including local favourites Dollkraut, Martyn and Mattheis, plus familiar vibrations from previous Somewhere Else performers Aurora Halal and Lena Willikens and residents Luc Mast and Arif Malawi (as API). For more detailed information on Nachtiville visit here.

To win, become part of our extensive flock of friends by joining us here, or get a friend to sign up. We have only one bungalow to give out so act fast – better safe (in your own bungalow) than sorry.