11 Curiosities in the Malawi Cabinet

If you’ve ever stumbled across a Cabinet of Curiosities, you’ll know that they’re personal treasure troves packed to the brim with all manner of oddities; relics retrieved on some far-reaching voyage, animals bones dipped in gold, framed insects, what have you. The jump to an eclectic record collection is one easily made. That said, when we tasked ourselves with finding some DJ-collective performing at Lente Kabinet this coming May who might have an unparalleled collection of vinyl curiosities that could be wielded into an extraordinary playlist, we didn’t look further than Malawi. Sure there’s five of em (and five collections is usually greater than one), but if you’ve ever witnessed a Malawi set you’ll know that each one of the crew seamlessly weave together a lush tapestry of genre without skipping a beat. So without further ado, dig into 11 curiosities straight from the Malawi cabinet.

1. Roland P. Young – Airlessly

2. Mamman Sani – Ya Bismillah

3. Leisure Connection – Jungle Dancing

4. Noa – Tape Tape

5. Moonstone – Cointreau

6. ANBB – Wust

7. Javelin – Winchesters (Canyon Candy)

8. Harry Nilsson – Jump Into The Fire

9. Jeri-Jeri – Camance (Live in Berlin)

10. Devo – Whip It

11. Gaznevada – IC Love Affair

Malawi kick off Lente Kabinet’s Tweede Kamer stage at 12.00 on 30 May. It’s not free for Subbacultcha members, but we do have a special deal you can read all about here.