L.A.N. Party

12 December - OT301, Amsterdam
19.00 - €12 door – €10 pre-sale - Free for members

Following 2013’s The Sound of the Dutch Underground and March 2015’s Subbacultcha Forever, we once again return to OT301 with a night that connects the vast Dutch Underground in every corner of the building. We’ve lined up a selection of 12 of our favourite Dutch darlings, wriggling in from around the country to ensure coverage of an ample sonic spectrum, from the seductive moonpop of Blue Crime to angst-filled post-punk explosions of The Lumes, all the way to the electronic off-kilter disco of Dollkraut. Support your Local Area Network.

The incredible lineup will feature Rats on Rafts (Rotterdam). Dollkraut (Amsterdam), Das Ding (Rotterdam), The Homesick (Dokkum), Robert Bergman (Amsterdam), Blue Crime (Amsterdam), Amber Arcades (Utrecht), Waterlelyck (Groningen), Bonne Aparte (Rotterdam), Those Foreign Kids (Haarlem), Nancy Acid (Amsterdam), The Lumes (Rotterdam), Naive Set (Amsterdam), Idiott Smith (Up North), Firestone (Amsterdam), DJ JuJu (Amsterdam) and Red Light Radio feat. Orpheus the Wizard and Boss Hugo.

Rats on Rafts


Das Ding

The Homesick

Robert Bergman

Blue Crime

Amber Arcades


Bonne Aparte


Those Foreign Kids

Nancy Acid

The Lumes

Naive Set

Idiott Smith

DJ Juju


Orpheu the Wizard