Subbacultcha Presents L.A.N.

A prevailing dogma of Subbacultcha since its birth in 2005 has been and remains the support, promotion and love of local acts. While we nurture and cherish acts worldwide, we stand as firm believers in the homegrown produce that time and again satisfy that high we chase. Ensuing the success of The Sound of the Dutch Underground at the Melkweg in 2012 and more recently, the outlandish ten-year anniversary Subbacultcha Forever blowout at OT301, we’re launching an across-the-board chain of events to celebrate diverse local nuts while throwing them all in one bag.


The L.A.N. publication will set off with the release of L.A.N.scape at De Nieuwe Anita on 30 October, introducing and mapping out the Dutch music scene from the perspective of the artists themselves.

In November we’re teaming up with independent music festival Le Guess Who?, where we present L.A.N. at EKKO, Utrecht on Thursday, 19 November. The regional lineup includes Rotterdam post-punks Rats on Rafts, the third official live band outing of lo-fi analogue wizard Dollkraut, The Hague producer and RBMA Tokyo graduate Torus and last but by no means least, newcomers The Homesick, Torii and HOEK.

Joining forces with compatriot music platform The Daily Indie, we’re introducing a series of recorded live L.A.N. sessions featuring rising local stars playing unscripted sets in arbitrary settings in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Drawing together the community of musicians, label owners, our ever-so-dear Subbacultcha members and local scene supporters, L.A.N. workshops are creative escapes devoted to zine making, getting the hang of the industry by learning about starting a label and customizing instruments.

When all is said and done, the programme will climax under the roof of OT301 in Amsterdam on 12 December in an full-blown L.A.N. Party featuring a lineup of over fifteen acts, four stages and a sleepless night connecting contemporary Dutch music scenes.