Lo-Hi Five

This week’s top five are on the more soothing and easy-listening side of the sonic spectrum, suggestive of a more peaceful and harmonious state of mind last week. After a sunny weekend full of activity – Communions in Amsterdam, wastelands#15 in Ghent – the rather gentle track choices from last week are not only excellent, but also a swell way to wind down. Not to make things too mellow though, we’ve thrown a little ‘techno’ in the mix for some upbeat-beats.


1. Briana Marela – Take Care of Me

After the video release for ‘Surrender’, Briana Marela shared another lovely track last week. She recorded All Around Us in Reykjavik with Sigur Rós’ Alex Somers producing the album. Iceland seems like a magical place, and based on the tracks we’ve heard, Marela’s been brushed by some of the magical aura. She’ll be coming to enchant us at de Roode Bioscoop next week.


2. Al Lover – Brian Jonestown Masochist (Anton Newcombe Reinterpretation)

Al Lover shared a reinterpretation with a video for ‘Brian Jonestown Masochist’ last week.  Taken from his Cave Ritual released in January, the track was put in the hands of the masochist himself and redefined into a five minute daze. This is just one of the number of tracks that underwent treatment for the remix on Cave Ritual Redux, out on this very day via Stolen Body Records.


3. Steve Hauschildt – Where All is Fled

Steve Hauschildt’s teasing us with a beautiful track release from the upcoming full length Where All Is Fled while we wait until 25 September for the release via Kranky. Not much more to say right now on the Clevelander’s title track – an easy, simply beautiful listen.


4. Mild High Club – Undeniable

Oh isn’t it nice? Alexander Brettin shared a third track from Mild High Club’s Timeline, out 18 September on Stones Throw’s Circle Star Records. An inherent LA sound with old school psychedelia, it’s undeniably nice. Brettin’s got a collection of loose Mild High members throughout the country for live performances, something we’re looking forward to witnessing at Butcher’s Tears in October.


5. Blondes – Persuasion

Let’s change it up a little and throw in some Blondes. After announcing not one, but two new releases in June, Blondes released a 50 minute cassette Rein shortly after. As promised, the EP Persuasion followed, which just became available on RVNG Intl. May the title track serve as a reminder of the flip-side of calm and gentle, because we love that too.