High Five to Belgium

Exhaustion kicked off our week at the office. We were talking about exhaustion fans all morning long. Speaking of exhausted fans, we expect a lot of them in Ghent this upcoming Saturday by the Old Docks in Ghent at #wastelands15, organized by our Belgian counterpart with 019 <3

1. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Pleasant Cruise

The Finnish odd bird released his first full length and self-titled album in June, although the man’s been releasing music for over a decade. News reached us that due to visa complications Jaakko was unable to make it to the other side of the Atlantic, forcing the cancellation of his US shows. Thankfully we’re on this side of the pond and will be dancing to groovy beats once again.

2. Rejjie Snow – All Around the World

Rejjie Snow is an Irish gift of high intellect – If you haven’t heard him before, ‘All Around the World’ is all you need to get hooked for ever and ever more. After the release of his mix-tape Rejovich in 2013, Snow is currently working on the full length debut Dear Annie. Let it Snow, let it Snow, let it Snow.

3. Dan Bodan – Anonymous

Reaching out to basically everyone, the Berlin-based Canadian songwriter is the opposite of apathy. His debut Soft was released last fall, just when we all needed a soft comforting blanket to wrap ourselves into. Cannot wait to cuddle in the comfort of Bodan’s presence.

4. Molly Nilsson – Lovers Are Losers

Berlin-based synth pop artist Molly Nilsson’s collaboration with John Maus in ‘Hey Moon’ off Maus’ 2011 is amazing: what’s not as known is that the song came off Molly’s 2008 album. Keeping busy, her sixth album Zenith is to be released 25 September – check out the very fresh video below.

5. Bright Entity – El Pauji

For all you (and us) synth lovers, there will be plenty to go around in Saturday’s festivities. Brussels duo Michiel and Ciska are partly responsible, throwing in their share of synthesizers and drum machines that spill out as lush tracks. Here’s an example from their recent Flying While Standing EP on Holger Tracks 🙂