Daniela Djukic

daniela djukic

In November the Subbacultcha! gallery will host an exhibition for German/Serbian artist Daniela Djukic (1984) about the no-longer-a-planet Pluto. Her exhibition has been in the Rietveld Academy storage room catching dust for a while now, so we figured it’s about time we rediscover her photographic discovering of the rejected planet.

When the International Astronomic Union reconsidered the definition of planets, Pluto was reclassified to a new category of “dwarf planets”. As far as one can feel empathy for non-living things, Daniela Djukic felt a kind of compassion for the planet and decided to further investigate the rocky ice ball. Her exhibition (134340) Pluto is a combination of actual scientific, pseudo-scientific and interpretive images.

The opening will be on November 1, from 17.30 till 21.00pm. There will be a special musical guest, some nice foods, and beer will be generously provided by Warsteiner. RSVP only. Wanna come? Please send us an e-mail.

Exhibition: (134340) Pluto by Daniela Djukic
4 November 2013 – 28 November 2013
Monday till Thursday from 11.00 till 17.00
Da Costakade 150, Amsterdam
Entrance is free