L.A.N. Workshop – How To Start a Label


Support your Local Area Network. Start a label.

Join us at the Subbacultcha HQ for a roundtable discussion with some of our favourite local labels: Haarlem heroes Geertruida, Frisian upstarts Purple Noise Record Club and always-in-demand Subroutine (who have recently celebrated 10 years of activity!). Between the three of them, they have released bands we love to book for our own shows: think Floris Bates, Bismuth and Those Foreign Kids out on Geertruida, Yuko Yuko and The Homesick via both PNRC and Subroutine, and Rats on Rafts, Naive Set, Apneu and Nouveau Velo out on Subroutine.

Bert Zaremba (Geertruida), Robert Lalkens (Purple Noise Record Club) and Koen ter Heegde (Subroutine) will share their stories, philosophies and insight into the Dutch music scene, but also their tips and tricks for people who are considering starting a label themselves or are on the lookout for a label to sign them.

The discussion will be moderated by writer and radio star Carly Blair.

*Send an email to rsvp[at]subbacultcha[dot]nl with ‘label talk’ in the subject line to reserve a spot.

Note: We’re fully booked for Thursday. But we’re collecting names for a waiting list, so don’t be shy!