L.A.N. Workshop – How To Make a Zine


Support your Local Area Network. Make a zine.

On the 10th of October we’re hosting our very own Zine Workshop with our friends at ReKult and all those who join us. We’ll be convening at our HQ to produce a zine dedicated to the local music scene in collaboration with all those present. You will cut and paste and draw and photocopy under the experienced guidance of ReKult. After the workshop, everyone will take home 2 copies of the customized group zine. Art supplies will be provided but everyone is welcome to bring their own ideas and materials.

Please note, you’ll need to purchase a ticket prior to this event. There will be no tickets sold at the door. Tickets include 2 copies of the zine and drinks.

Grab your tickets here.

*Zines are DIY periodicals, traditionally self-published on printed format. They’ve been published by science-fiction, music and soccer fans, political dissenters, activists, or just people who want to share ideas or aspects of their personal life. Most zines are grassroots products of underground, fringe or alternative publishing and distribution and have been largely ignored by mainstream publishing. However, this is by no means restrictive to what a zine can be. Experimentation with form, technical execution, concept, or (ideological) function is more than welcome to open up the possibilities of what a zine can be today.