SAUCE Magazine “FULL TILT” Release Party

6 December - Schaafstraat 21, Amsterdam
18:30 - Free for all!

SAUCE is an independent platform created in 2017, aiming to provoke unexpected collaborations between visual artists. With its roots established in fashion, SAUCE navigates as a flexible body that can go in different directions and will take unknown paths to keep exploring and developing its aesthetic and message. Each issue of SAUCE Magazine follows a defined theme that incites curiosity for its contributors, and allows them to have total creative freedom. The results are gathered in a publication designed by SAUCE.

FULL TILT is the glitch that appears in the space where the naturally existing and the fabricated clashes. A world, where everything is twisted, uncanny, in constant motion, loud and morphed up. A split consciousness between the real and the fantastic, the physical and the ephemeral. This printed matter is a guide to the fully tilted world we found ourselves in and try to navigate through.

This third issue of SAUCE Magazine mixes things up by not only gathering different visuals by different contributors, but also recontextualizing its role within the world of FULL TILT, letting different projects interact with each other. We would like to invite the viewer to bluff, be kinky, fantastical and naive. There is no explanation, the images build on what is unspoken. you fantasise as I fantasise.