SAUCE Magazine Issue II Release Party

23 November - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20.00 - Free for all!

Remember the SAUCE Issue I release party? When we ran all out of beer, the place was packed inside and out, and most importantly, the lovely people from SAUCE released their freshly printed magazine into the wild alongside a 3D exhibition in our humble venue. Get ready for part II – with more than double the amount of people working on this issue, and Lyra and Jujul0v3 playing, we’re expecting some hefty content. We got a little insight as to what can be expected: When asked what’s the theme (last one was The Zoo), they said, ‘Probiotic. For the first issue our eyes were turned outwards, now we’re turning them inwards, exploring the body, bacterias, health mania and mutation’.

SAUCE is a fluid platform with roots in fashion. Born and bred at Gerrit Rietveld Academie. It’s made from the desire to make collaborations happen between disciplines. SAUCE Magazine is published bi-annually and parallel to every issue, there is an event showcasing the content reinterpreted within a physical space. Our goal is to blend different media and embrace amateurism and collectivism. With purely image based work, we stuff you with grease and over-saturation.

SAUCE Magazine ISSUE 2: Probiotic will be sold for 18€.

SAUCE Magazine