Celebrating 10 Years of Subbacultcha Magazine – Issue 13

It’s September 2008. We’re holed up in our office, putting the finishing touches on the very first issue of our magazine. Inside, a chance encounter with Baltimore art punks Ponytail, an ode to L.A. DIY-haunt The Smell, and a fateful introduction to the band once known as Women. 

Fast forward 10 years, 78 issues, and some 300 features, photoshoots and wonderful columns later. The magazine has turned into an essential part of the Subbacultcha ecosystem and its making has turned into a sacred ritual. A chance for us to collect our thoughts, connect with the musicians and artists we love, and share their stories with you. 

To celebrate a decade of Subbacultcha magazine, we’ve put together a little something extra. In addition to the familiar format, we’ve made a subjective selection of everything we’ve ever printed and turned it into a special publication stuck in the middle of this magazine. Indulge, recollect and reminisce. But don’t get too comfortable. We’re not finished yet. In the spirited words of Organ Tapes, ‘As a person, I’m never concluded. That’s not just music, that’s life.’

Fall 2018
Editor in Chief: Phil Krogt
Art Direction: Lin Ven
Printed by Damen Drukkers