Subbacultcha Magazine – Issue 12

Featuring Shygirl, Negative Gemini, Karel, Pardans, Kate NV and more


As the sun blinds our eyes and blurs our minds, summertime has the knack for catching us all off guard. The frenzy of excitement, promises of adventures and new chapters to-be, we’re calling it: summer is the season of ‘Eureka!’

Catching ourselves wondering if there’s simply something in the air, we tempted the most exciting emerging artists out there to let us in on their journeys in creation and reinvention. The best ideas, it turns out, can’t be traced back to any one place. Bar None manifested in the classic late-night conversation, while extroverted Karel creates by concentrating his energy within. Shygirl escapes all restrictions by juggling double lives and Negative Gemini finds her sound in contradiction.

If we take this to heart, dear reader, there’s only one thing for it – get out there and find your own way.

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