Muziekgebouw aan de Ring: Die Wilde Jagd + Roelien

19 October - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20.00 - €8 - Free for members

The latest album of Die Wilde Jagd is named after the studio of former band member Ralf Beck (of that Nalin & Kane), where the album was conceived. The project, Uhrwald Orange, could thematically best be defined as Alice on Wonderland on LSD. A sonic foray, floundering trough thickets and branches, slowly going deeper into a ghostly forest, where shadowy creatures live and nest. Think: acid horses, bat boys and – you guessed it – 2000 elephants. Hypnotic electronic progression and psychedelic guitar loops, backed with choir vocals and rattling percussion, make Sebastiaan Lee Philipp a master of tension and suspense. Mesmerizing, mind-altering and ecstatic.

Die Wilde Jagd