Jenny Hval
+ Anna B Savage

17 June - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam
20.30 - €10 - Free for members

The Rest is Noise Presents

Not all Norwegian music is made by leather-clad, long haired men with painted faces. Exhibit A: Jenny Hval. She might look like a bookish graduate student, but her 2013 album carried the title Innocence is Kinky, so we’re inclined to believe ms. Hval frequents the kind of parties considered ‘too much’ even by the aforementioned long haired men. Her music however, is not the kind you’d want to hear while wearing assless chaps and someone’s fist, but would make a lot of sense the day after, while contemplating your alternative lifestyle or enjoying a well deserved rejuvenating vegetable smoothie. Jenny Hval’s upcoming album Apocalypse, girl will be released in June on Sacred Bones Records. Taking on The Rest is Noise along with Jenny will be the delicate London singer-songwriter Anna B Savage.

Jenny Hval

Anna B Savage

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