IMPAKT: Progress vs. Sunsets

1 November - Het Huis Theatre Hall, Utrecht
15:00 - €6 - Free for members

IMPAKT is a multi-site celebration of experimental arts. Showcasing a variety of events including video and film screenings, exhibitions and talks, IMPAKT brings some of the most innovative and challenging contemporary artwork to its diverse audiences across Utrecht from 30 Oct – 3 Nov.

Progress vs. Sunsets, re-formulating the nature documentary is the second installation in a trilogy of works from Melanie Bonajo, in which she looks at how our relationship with nature and animals has been redefined as a consequence of the popularisation of amateur photos and videos on the internet. Shown through the perspective of children, Bonajo draws our attention to the consequences that inevitably follow innovation. She addresses which voices are ignored during the processes of growth and development and questions the assumed good of ‘progress’.

Progress vs. Sunsets + Forest for the Trees will both have 20 free spots available for Subbacultcha members. Email with your name to reserve a spot.

Credit AKINCI Gallery and Melania Bonajo