IMPAKT: Forest for the Trees

1 November - Het Huis Theatre Hall, Utrecht
13:15 - €6 - Free for members

IMPAKT is a multi-site celebration of experimental arts. Showcasing a variety of events including video and film screenings, exhibitions, talks, and live music, IMPAKT brings some of the most innovative and challenging contemporary artwork to its diverse audiences across Utrecht from 30 Oct – 3 Nov.

Members of the Subbacultcha family get free access to two events on Friday, 1 November. The first, which kicks off at 13.15, is Forest for the Trees. It is a film and video constellation of works that will unlearn and relearn those present through a series of immersive experiences. From ecological soundscapes and astral bacterial dances to digitalised entities floating through the void, Forest for the Trees will play host to an exciting group of digital eco-artists at the vanguard of producing an alternative type of aesthetic and environmental engagement.

Forest for the Trees and Progress vs. Sunsets will both have 20 free spots available for Subbacultcha members. Email with your name to reserve a spot.

Forest On Location 03 Video Still 2018 c Broersen and Lukacs