STRP Festival Giveaway

5 x 2 Ticktes
30 March - April 7
Klokgebuw, Eindhoven

STRP Festival explores scenarios for a positive future. It aims to guide its visitors through a time in which technology seems to offer the solution for everything, and doom-scenarios are leading. We offer our member 5 x 2 tickets granting free entrance to two performances during this years edition of the festival. 


Broadcasting daily, straight outta STRP.

5 April, all day

A couple of musical fanatics set-up an online radio station and called it RaRaRadio. Because art and music in Eindhoven should receive more attention. RaRaRadio is now 1 year old and since spring our new neighbours at Strijp-S. Their broadcasting time has been extended and so there is now more time for lots of talk-shows.

We Were Never Apart: a Visual Music Night

Curated by Lea Fabrikant & Tarik Barri. With Transforma, LABOUR, Peder Mannerfelt & Tarik Barri

5 April, 21:00 – 23:15

During this evening, the artists aim to reveal the strength in a simple unity of a moment shared between beings and senses alike. During the performance they wish to open the idea of the “audiovisual” and give place to a space where the sounds, the screens, the lights and beams, the shadows, the room and everyone in it, all become one entity.

Members! To enter the giveaway simply shoot us a mail with your full name to mailinglist@subbaculctha.nll with ‘STRP’ in the subject line by 2 April. Not a member yet? Join here.