In Another lifetime (When 8 becomes 9)

Ok. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And think of your life 5 years ago. Now tell us. How many things have stayed the same? Are you still living in the same house? Studying at the same school? Hanging out with the same friends? What music were you listening to back then? Which books were you reading? Which parties did you go to? Does it feel like another lifetime? Cause it does for us. Cause here in the Subbacultcha universe, many things have changed in the course of those years. We went from a pocket size magazine to a bigger magazine, to a broadsheet newspaper. We have a completely new team, a new office and we decided to officially become a non-profit organisation. A new everything basically. Apart from our mission, of course. Which is, to spread unruly love for art and music from Amsterdam and the world. Which we have been doing relentlessly, for over a decade.

Great stuff, I hear you thinking. But why are you telling me this? Well. Because we have decided that from February 01 2019 the membership-price will go up from €8 to €9.

Cause it’s been €8 for over 5 years now. And that doesn’t really make sense now does it?  Cause 5 years is like another lifetime, right? And besides, on 1 January 2019, VAT for the arts will go up. So something had to be done. And hey! It’s only €1 a month. And we promise we’ll spend it well. We’ll use it to organize more great shows, make more publications, and support more artists that deserve to be seen and heard. By you.

So there you have it. We’re hoping you’ll bare with us. And stick around.

It will be worth it. Totally.

Trust us.

Next year will be our year. And yours too.

❤ Subbacultcha-team.