Get Published

We want a slice of your (he)art. Something big is cooking at Subbacultcha and we’re looking for fresh talent to spice it all up. They say you can’t have the cake and eat it too, but we believe that including the finest talents and sharing them with the world is a match made in heaven.

We’re looking for the words and images you keep locked in the shelf of your bedside stand, for the dreams you write down in notebooks, for the glitchy sketches you safely store on your iCloud, the pictures you printed but never published. Be part 0f something big and send us a love letter including the art, short stories, pictures, designs and illustrations you’d secretly like to get published.

And if it’s a match, we’ll publish your work in our new magazine.

Make the first move and write to before 2 November with ‘get published’ in the subject line.  Subbacultcha