IDFA Bixa Travesty Giveaway

5 x 2 tickets
22 November
de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

“I make my music just like a gun, thinking of me as the first target”

This extraordinary picture gives you an insight into the life of Linn da Quebrada, a Brazilian black transwoman artist, whose body becomes the mean of political expression. Through her dazzling performances, she undermines Sao Paulo’s white heteronormative gender norms and untangles the meaning of a “tranny fag”.

The documentary breaks through the conventional mode of presenting through the juxtaposition of the on-stage, and private. We see Linn in her bedroom, with her friends and family as well as in her artistic, performative state. All serving as an incredibly powerful representation of nonconformity with the existing gender order.

We’re giving away 5 x 2 tickets to our members for the Bixa Travesty film screening during IDFA. To enter the giveaway, shoot us a mail at before 20 November with ‘Bixa Travesty’ in the subject line, plus your full name in the mail. Not a member yet? Join here.