KABK Graduation Festival

5 x Graduation Catalogue
1 - 7 July, The Hague

The students of The Hague’s prestigious Royal Academy of Art are graduating and it’s your chance to step into the landscape of the future. Witness tomorrow’s world through the eyes of the some of the most talented young creatives around and get inspired by their artistic mastery. The walls are slowly crumbling between the different disciplines in art, and this is the perfect place to see the different medias interacting together. In celebration of all their work, KABK are hosting a graduation festival of exhibitions, performances, screenings and lectures from 1-7 July. We highly recommend going.

The festival runs 1 – 7 July and is free entry for all. For your chance of securing a graduation catalogue, send a mail to with the subject ‘KABK’ and fingers crossed you’ll be flicking through the pages as you stroll around the festival.