Orpheu The Wizard

In light of the upcoming Lente Kabinet Festivities, we spoke to long-time Red Light Radio resident & Dekmantel Record’s in-house design artist Orpheu The Wizard. Who better to ask than the Wizard himself when it comes to memories and recommendations relative to Lente Kabinet, who was courteous enough to give his two cents by means of the playlist below. The fun starts on 8 May with a pre-Lente event in the iconic Stadsschouwburg featuring Orpheu the Wizard and Suso Sáiz. It’s a foolproof buildup to the Lente Kabinet Festival on 28 May in Het Twiske ☼

1. Suso Saiz – Un Hombre Oscuro

In previous years the pre-events featured the performances of artists Gigi Masin and Legowelt; this year, Spanish experimental musician Suso Sáiz will perform. His work recently got reissued by Music From Memory, I can’t wait to hear it live.

2. Fatima Yamaha – Plum Jelly

Fatima Yamaha kind of re-exploded last year with the Dekmantel re-issue of What’s a Girl To Do. It’s a sensation to see him do it live, but personally it will be a highlight for me to hear Plum Jelly live in the sun, on the grass.

3. Syracuse – Liquid Silver Dream

Syracuse are good friends of RLR, we are really excited to have them on our stage. They are crazy good live and the last time I saw them they did a killer cover version of ‘Spacer Woman’ that blew everyone’s minds.

4. Funkineven – Fuck Off

Funkineven played the first outdoor Lente Kabinet in Noorderpark, somehow I always remember that. A heavy DJ that I look forward to seeing play again.

5. Mr Flagio – Take a Chance

Two years in a row the RLR stage exploded to legendary proportions within the last few hours of the festival. The first year DJ EZ made everyone lose it, last year Young Marco and Gilb’R did a wild b2b set; people still say “I was there”. Can you imagine a 500 people moshpit to this Italo classic?

Don’t miss Orpheu the Wizard & Suso Sáiz on 8 May at the pre-Lente event in the Stadsschouwburg, leading up to the Lente Kabinet Festival on 28 May in Het Twiske.