Five Songs

Fidgety Friday over here as we’re waiting to step out on to the road to Discovery, but not before the opening of our two-month artist residents at the office this evening. It’s a busy day of a busy week and we look forward to unwinding tonight. Here’s some sounds we’ve harvested this week, please enjoy.

1. La Luz – You Disappear

La Luz played a great show in the cosy Extase at Incubate Festival one week ago. Miss them already so here’s the most recent video release. Produced by rock revivalist Ty Segall, Weirdo Shrine came out on Hardly Art last month.

2. Tate Kobang – Bank Rolls Remix

Baltimore native Tate Kobang revitalized and lightened up Tim Tree’s track from over a decade ago, and he did a damn good job with the remake. ‘I swear to god I could never love a dumb ho’ – Blast it.


3. Dilly Dally – Purple Rage

Toronto punks Dilly Dally shared a gross purple video with plenty of rage. Rage was not limited to the video; Katie Monks pointed out the hostility of passers by, hurling unnecessary foul remarks and disrupting the filming. Guess the video truly came to symbolize what it depicts. We embrace the misfits.

4. Floating Points – Silhouettes

From the forthcoming Elaenia, the video for ‘Silhouettes’ is mesmerizing to say the least. Mesmerizing in and for every sense, our eyes and ears are completely absorbed. The new album drops on November 6th on Pluto/Luaka Bop.

5. Laurel Halo – In Situ

Two new Laurel Halo tracks appeared on this month’s Honest Jons’s. We delved right in to the fresh hybrid rhythms and advise you to do the same.