Five Songs

As you may have noticed, the well organized Monday playlist lost its regular pattern, appearing on any random day. It does always appear though, which is key, because it’s nice to share music. This week has brought with it many technical difficulties; too many computers have been causing headaches and frustration. Without our tech-savvy people in the office complete chaos would slowly but surely creep in and we’d all lose it. Anyway, everything’s OK and here’s some picks from this week.


1. Harry Talin – Find You

So pretty and sweet, the song would be weightless if it weren’t for the simple drums.

2. Weyes Blood – Cardamom

Performing under the name Weyes Blood, Natalie Mering’s music is contemporary folk with a dramatic touch. The romantic Cardamom is Weyes Blood’s latest single release.

3. Know V.A. – Vomar

Signed on to the digital-only label curated by DJ Shadow, the track is an Amsterdam touch to Liquid Amber. The track holds a special place in our hearts – It’s named after Vomar! We <3 Vomar.

4. Bombay – Dolly Doesn’t Want to Face the Facts

Another local produce, Amsterdam indie rock trio Bombay recently signed on to V2. This song is a nice and gentle piece from their forthcoming Show Your Teeth album.

5. Rabit – Pandemic

Unlike the unobtrusive track above, this one’s at the opposite end of easy-listening and could only go at the end of this list so as not to scare most off this page immediately. If you have a hangover, a headache or are otherwise in a head-vulnerable state, we strongly advise you not to press play because your brain will explode.