Cheers x five

In some countries the concept of  ‘Little Saturday’ is a common weekly thing, meaning that Wednesday is regarded as the day that breaks up the week and justifies a mid-week refreshment. Our salutations are a little behind schedule this week since some of our team’s been dispersed around the continent. Be that as it may, better late than never remains true as ever – cheers.


1. Destrution Unit – The Upper Hand

A six minute sonic assault from Arizona born Destruction Unit may not be easy to digest at the first listen but the well advised will realize that as always, Sacred Bones are impeccable at taking on artists. The noisy galore is from Negative Feedback Resistor (their first full album since 2013) out on 18 September.

2. Protomartyr – Dope Cloud

Detroit’s punks have graced us with another banger from the forthcoming The Agent Intellect. About to board on yet another Euro tour, Protomartyr will be landing in this dope cloud of a country in November. Oh yeah – the set release date for the new record via Hardly Art is on 9 October.

3. Rabit – Straps

For intensity, look not further than the video below. We all need a little bit of audio-visual masochism every now and then.

4. Alex Calder – Moving Slow

The Montreal pop slouch’s 14 tracks were recorded under the moniker Mold Boy and bundled up again in the Alex Calder album Moving Slow that was released on Captured Tracks in April. The fresh video for ‘Moving Slow’ features a beautiful scenery bearing high resemblance to Mac DeMarco’s backyard, as well as a naked baby.

5. Walter TV – Surf Metal

In other news that also somehow relates to Mac DeMarco, Walter TV’s latest single features animated versions of the members in a gym, followed by an inexplicable chain of events. Why is this relevant to Mac DeMarco? For a couple of reasons. Check (and figure) it out.