Protomartyr + The Lumes

19 November - Rotown, Rotterdam
20.00 - €11 - Free for members

Last August De Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam was filled with sharply edged post-punk noise: it was the time when Detroit’s Protomartyr brought Rock City to us in a loud, obtrusive, razor-sharp auditory attack that shows an innovative side of post-punk. Having released Passion All Technique, 2012 on Urinal Cake Records and Under Color Of Official Right, 2014 on Hardly Art,  the foursome have been working on a new album that’ll be released 9 October via Hardly Art. Plunging into a lengthy tour, we can expect material from The Agent Intellect. Bulldozing straight ahead, Protomartyr have tour dates set for North America in July and most of October, with the rest of the tour dates are set around Europe until the end of November. Taking on Rotown along with Protomartyr will be Rotterdam post-punks The Lumes.