Five Songs

The week seems to be flying by as the upcoming days swiftly approach. We’ll be constantly on the go in the upcoming days with shows almost every day and although the weather’s been miserable, we’ve turned the bleak landscape to our advantage. Heavy rain and storms can be cool, and always a reason to spend time in the office on crafting strikingly original attire – very creative. Doing that to the sound track of great new releases that have been popping up on a daily basis is not half bad, and some transmit such a sense of sunlit skies and shimmering vibes that the cold, wet, grey, premature darkness, strong wind, slight flu, etc. go barely noticed.

1. Gun Outfit – Only Ever Over

Gun Outfit joined the Paradise of Bachelors label with their fourth album Dream All Over, coming out on October 16th. They’ve already shared the opening track ‘Gotta Wanna’ – Yesterday they released the closing track of the new album. So in love with both ends of the new album and Gun Outfit’s velvety, rockin’ sound that whatever lies in between can only be good.

2. First Hate – Trojan Horse

Yesterday the two Danes from Copenhagen dropped a new synth-laden dance-inducing track into Soundcloud. ‘Trojan Horse’ stands solidly as a contemporary showcase of its 1980’s electronic/synth precursors.

3. Mild High Club – The Chat 

Two more days until Stone Throw’s step-sister Circle Star Records releases MHC debut Timeline and forty-three more days until Mild High Club land at Butcher’s Tears. Ariel Pink’s influence in the severely mellow piece is palpable from the start while he also supplies daydream resonating vocals.

4. DIIV – Dopamine

DIIV have had their fair share of turbulence to deal with on several different fronts and were very low key for the past couple of years. A few months ago they announced a fall tour with Ride and No Joy on top of a new album this fall. A first taste of the forthcoming Is the Is Are appeared on Captured Tracks’ Soundcloud two days ago, calming our anxious nerves.

5. Nisennenmondai – #5

The Japanese all-female instrumental trio are nothing short of badass renegades. Layers upon layers in an unfluctuating 12 minute sonic monument that is from Nisennenmondai’s collaboration with producer Adrian Sherwood. #N/A was released yesterday on Japan’s Beat Records.