Bringing up Briana Marela

 Recently signed to Jagjaguwar, Briana Marela’s upcoming release All Around Us (out on 21 August) holds the promise of a transfixing debut. Fascinated and inspired by people with interesting and wide-ranging vocal ranges, Briana names Björk as one of her biggest inspirations since her discovery in high school. It was a lucky accident (some call it fate) that while touring with her sister, a friend of the Sigur Rós producer Alex Somers brought Briana’s music to his attention. Soon after, Briana found herself working with Somers in his Reykjavik studio-apartment complex. Waking up in the mornings, walking upstairs to be surrounded by instruments and all systems to go, the two and a half months in Iceland nurtured All Around Us into being. Intrigued by Briana’s aerial and delicate delivery of feelings and emotions but also by her her diverse cultural background (her genealogy includes bits from Peru, Finland, France, England and Scotland), we asked her to name a few meaningful or inspirational tracks. Out of countless possibilities, she graciously picked five to share with us.


1. Raphael – Desde Aquel Dia

This might actually be my favorite Raphael song, its so bittersweet and beautiful, I just remember this song imprinted in my memory from pretty young and it brings up all kinds of nostalgic feelings as well as just being a beautiful song.

2. Yma Sumac – Chuncho
A Peruvian influence and hero, I was always captivated by her strange and beautiful soprano range and operatic tendancies. Another favorite of the musicians my father would play.

3. Nino Bravo – Es El Viento
Yet another musical influence from my youth, listening to what our father would play in the house. I remember with Nino Bravos music in particular my siblings and I thought it was kind of funny or strange, but then later realized we loved it and knew every song just subconsciously from having heard it so much!

4. Björk – Its not up to you
I know I’m not the only one who would credit Vespertine as being one of the most influential albums on their teenage formative years. But it truly was, everything about this album lingers with me forever in my memory, this is still one of my favorite songs from this album.

5. Vashti Bunyan – I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
Another teenage/young adult influence has definitely been Vashti Bunyan. I love her voice, quiet subtle melodies and sweet lyrics.


Briana Marela will be marking the first time we’ll be at the intimate and historic Roode Bioscoop on the Haarlemmerplein. Utrecht-based Amber Arcades will be supporting the night on Tuesday 18 August. The show is free for members.