Obnox at Paradiso

2×2 tickets
11 July at Paradiso, Amsterdam

Cleveland native Lamont “Bim” Thomas unloads an uncanny eruption of garage punk, soul and gospel as Obnox. Obnox released Know America in April this year, the fifth album released in the last four years. Signed to Gerard Cosloy’s (founder of Matador Records) label 12XU, Bim Thomas has been at the forefront and the cream of the crop of American garage punk coterie. Obnox has gained wide critical acclaim on top of establishing himself in the top rankings of the underground scene.

“His music is alive in a way few records are these days – complex, emotional, and political in a way that resists sloganeering and cuts to the quick of what matters.” – Pitchfork

Send an e-mail to with the heading ‘OBNOX’ by Thursday, 9 July to win a pair of tickets to Saturday’s show.