Visual Recap – Mike Pelletier

Our inaugural featured artist, Mike Pelletier’s entrancing and often unsettling 3D spasms expanded our RVNG Intl. label night into the visual realm. Watch the recap!

Our RVNG Intl. label night at Mediamatic Fabriek was bolstered by the work of visual artist Mike Pelletier. His portraits accompanied retro-futuristic techno purveyor Stellar OM Source and hypotic house-maestro Maxmillion Dunbar. A tinkerer and a technological obsessor, Mike has an appreciation for the beautiful and the strange. His interest in tools, techniques and gadgets helps him create the slightly off-kilter 3D spasms that transform the real world to digital, bringing about unexpected results.

Mike’s work displayed at the RVNG Intl. label night

Curated and produced by Pllant/Marieke van Helden, in collaboration with Subbacultcha!, this was the first edition of Frames By, a new project aiming to merge live music with the visual expressions of local artists. As the sunlight dimmed, Mike’s 3D renderings graced the various walls surrounding the cavernous Fabriek.

The next visual artist will be announced in the coming weeks, and will be showcasing their visuals at the Cloud Boat and Beacon show at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam on 17 August.

Be sure to check out more of Mike’s work at mikepelletier.com